2010 360 Modified Results
Date Track Heat Feature Summary
April 4 I-35 Speedway 2nd 2nd
April 11 I-35 Speedway 2nd 5th  
April 18 I-35 Speedway 2nd 2nd
May 1 Jackson Speedway *1st* 3rd
May 2 I-35 Speedway 2nd 2nd  
May 9 I-35 Speedway *1st* 7th  
May 15 Deer Creek Speedway 2nd 4th  
May 16 I-35 Speedway 2nd 5th  
May 20 Hancock Co Speedway 2nd 2nd  
May 22 Deer Creek Speedway 4th 3rd  
May 23 I-35 Speedway 3rd 8th  
May 27 Hancock Co Speedway *1st* 2nd  
May 30 I-35 Speedway *1st* *1st* Skip Rose Memorial
May 31 I-35 Speedway 3rd 6th  
June 3 Hancock Co Speedway *1st* 10th  
June 6 I-35 Speedway 3rd 2nd  
June 20 I-35 Speedway 2nd 9th  
June 25 Hancock Co Speedway 3rd 5th  
June 26 Deer Creek Speedway 3rd 4th  
June 27 I-35 Speedway *1st* 7th  
July 1 Hancock Co Speedway 2nd *1st* Sport Mod Nationals
July 8 Hancock Co Speedway 4th 8th  
July 9 Elko Speedway 3rd 5th  
July 15 Hancock Co Speedway 3rd 5th  
July 16 Elko Speedway *1st* 7th  
July 17 Elko Speedway *1st* *** Rain Delayed A-Main
July 18 I-35 Speedway 3rd 6th  
July 23 Elko Speedway *** *1st* Make-up Feature
July 23 Elko Speedway *1st* *1st*  
July 24 Elko Speedway 2nd 2nd  
July 25 I-35 Speedway 5th 14th  
July 27 Hancock Co Speedway 3rd 3rd  
July 28 Knoxville Raceway *1st* 3rd Harris Clash
Aug 1 I-35 Speedway 2nd 3rd  
Aug 5 Hancock Co Speedway 2nd *1st*  
Aug 8 I-35 Speedway *1st* 5th  
Aug 15 I-35 Speedway *1st* 2nd  
Aug 19 Owatonna Raceway *1st* *1st*  
Aug 20 Mineral City Speedway 6th 4th  
Aug 22 I-35 Speedway 2nd *1st*
Aug 26 Hancock Co Speedway 5th 6th 2010 Track Champion!
Aug 29 I-35 Speedway 2nd 4th  
Sept 6 IMCA Super Nationals 3rd 4th 1st in B Feature
Sept 6 Race of Champions Heats 5th --- Started 10th
Sept 11 Race of Champions Main --- 2nd Started 5th
Sept 11 IMCA Super Nationals --- 4th Big Show - Started 10th
Sept 26 I-35 Speedway *1st* *1st*  
Oct 2 Jackson Speedway 4th 17th 1st in B Feature